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Summer Registration Is Open!

My summer schedule runs Monday, May 27, through Friday, July 19, this year.

You can schedule your lessons any time you'd like during the summer. Set up multiple visits some weeks, or double the length of some lessons! It's wonderful to have the extra time to go deeper and accelerate the pace.

Summer slots will fill quickly, so call (520) 878-0363 or email to schedule your lessons!

Brian J Harris Rentals LLC In Boston, Chicagoland, California, and Arizona!

Brian J Harris Rentals LLC provides long-term rental instruments to students, schools, and professionals in California, Arizona, Chicagoland, and now Boston! Check out client testimonials to see what some of them have to say. For more information on available instruments, see our Rentals page, call (520) 878-0363, or email today!

My Students Are Doing Great Work!

I am lucky to work with dozens of amazing students, from age seven to seventy-something. It's truly a privilege supporting them and watching them progress week by week, as they develop the tools they need to succeed in music and life.

The Snare Drum Plays The Zoo Around The World

I've shipped my beginning snare drum method book, The Snare Drum Plays The Zoo, to teachers and students in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, Thailand, Indonesia, and Lebanon! It's a fun way for students of all ages to begin hearing, performing, reading, and composing music for snare drum.

The Snare Drum Plays the Zoo, by Brian J. Harris
Book Covers, 9" x 12"

What's In the Book?

The Snare Drum Plays The Zoo is a unique method book that uses animal names to teach rhythms, accents, rolls, and flams on snare drum. It contains 104 pages with over a dozen instructional photos, 20 solos, 119 reading exercises, dozens of technique exercises, 21 composition assignments, and a CD with 50 audio tracks. These features combine to help the beginner learn to play, read, and write 20 different rhythmic symbols, 11 dynamic symbols, and a variety of repeat symbols.

Zoological Illustrations

To add to the fun, I hired illustrators to create fifty playful scenes of animals interacting, playing snare drums, and composing within the zoo. You'll enjoy looking at these wonderful illustrations even when you're not practicing!

Free Owners Only Website Access

Every owner of the book gets free, unlimited access to the Owners Only area of my website. Here, you can register your book and email questions directly to me. My comments and suggestions regarding the book remain archived for everyone to use.

Order The Snare Drum Plays The Zoo Risk-Free!

I've worked incredibly hard on this book, and I am convinced that it provides the most enjoyable way to learn to play snare drum! If you disagree, just send it back to me within thirty days, and you'll receive an immediate, 100% refund of your purchase price--no hassle, no questions asked.         BUY OR READ MORE...

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