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Features and Resources

Features & Resources Available
to students of Brian Harris

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Location and Facilities
  • Percussion studio conveniently located near River and Swan.
  • 500 square feet of teaching/rehearsing space, plus a sound-isolated waiting area.
Instruments Available for Study
  • Snare drum: two set up side-by-side for ease of instruction
  • Drum set: two 5-piece kits set up side-by-side, one with a double bass pedal.
  • Keyboard percussion: bells, vibraphone, 4.5-octave marimba
  • Four Full-size Timpani (Kettledrums)
  • Ethnic percussion: djembe, congas, bongos, timbales, frame drums, guiro, cowbells
  • Small percussion instruments: tambourine, triangle, castanets, and many others too numerous to list
Educational Resources
  • Recording library: approximately 1200 albums of jazz, rock, world, classical, percussion, and other styles/genres
  • Print library: hundreds of books, solos, ensembles, and magazines
  • Concert and instructional videos: over 100 video tapes and DVD's by incredible drummers, percussionists, and other musicians. Borrow them for viewing between lessons-completely free.
Teaching Tools
  • Photocopy machine/laser printer: gets my up-to-date information packets to you immediately.
  • 800-watt PA system: makes it easy to hear the click (metronome) or music as you play along.
  • Digital recording equipment and sound-isolated room: We'll record your musical milestones so you can remember your accomplishments forever!
  • Air-conditioning: Itís best to learn when youíre cool and comfortable.
The Latest And Greatest
  • I teach over twenty hours per week and read percussion and music-teaching literature regularly. As I discover and develop new concepts and learning approaches, you will be the first to hear about them.
  • Tucson Percussion Events: My students always know about special clinics, masterclasses, workshops, concerts and other upcoming events in Tucson.
Instrument Rentals and Supplies
  • I have snare drum kits, bell kits, drum sets, marimbas, xylophones, vibraphones, timpani, and other instruments available for rent--at very competitive rates.
  • Drum sticks, method books, and other supplies are available for your convenience.

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