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Lesson Policies


  • $50.00/half-hour, $100.00/hour
  • For weekly students, tuition is billed by semester as follows: Fall Semester: mid-August through December; Spring Semester: January through May; Summer Session: June through early August.
  • Single-payment, two-payment, and four-payment options are available in the spring and fall semesters.
  • A fee of $15 will be charged for any tuition payment received more than seven days after the due date.
  • A fee of $30 will be charged for each returned check.


  • If know you must miss a lesson, please call or text at (520) 878-0363 or email . FOR A CANCELLATION ON THE DAY OF YOUR LESSON, please only call or text Brian at (520) 878-0363.
  • Cancellations for credit or non-payment are not allowed.
  • If I need to miss a lesson, I will contact you at least 48 hours ahead of time to reschedule or give you a makeup voucher.
  • Unless you hear otherwise, I teach on all mid-semester school and bank holidays, except for Thanksgiving Day.
  • Provided a student gives more than 48 hours notice of any absence, the student will receive a voucher good for one makeup lesson to be taken within the next sixty days. This makeup lesson will be in addition to regularly-scheduled lessons (ie, extending a half-hour lesson to a one-hour lesson, or having two lessons in a given week). The student is responsible for contacting me to schedule a makeup lesson before the expiration of the voucher. A makeup lesson can be taken BEFORE a planned absence.
  • Whenever there are upcoming openings in my schedule, I will notify you by email. If you have a makeup voucher that is about to expire, and you canít find an opening that works, please tell me. I will find a slot for you.
  • If less than 48-hour cancellation notice is given for any reason, the lesson is forfeited by the student, and no makeup lesson will be scheduled. There will be no exceptions to this policy.
  • No cash refunds will be made under any circumstances.

Lesson Materials

  • The student must own, rent, or have access to the instruments studied in lessons. Also necessary for daily practice is a metronome, a music stand, and earplugs (for loud snare drum, drum set, and bells). The student must bring a notebook, the necessary sticks, and appropriate method books to every lesson. It is not necessary for the student to bring an instrument to the lesson unless it needs tuning or repair.

Materials Purchase

  • For your convenience, I sell nearly all of the lesson materials that I require. I also have many instruments available for rent, at much lower rates than local music stores. Before purchasing any percussion equipment or supplies, please talk to me first. I can often save you a great deal of money by finding the highest-quality product from the lowest-priced source. This usually means sending you to one of two stores in Tucson:
    • Rainbow Guitars, 2512 North Campbell Avenue, 325-3376. When making any purchase there, talk to Clay, and please mention that you are my student; an additional discount will often apply.
    • Instrumental Music Center, 7063 E Speedway, 733-7334, and 405 E Wetmore, 408-8003. The owners, Leslie and Mike Faltin, will serve you well.


  • I have an ever-expanding library of instructional videos, books, and recordings that students can borrow free for one week at a time.


  • It is important for the student to commit to daily practice. The amount of time per day depends on each studentís goals and should never be less than 15 minutes per day.

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