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Kristin Smith
Memorial Scholarship

Kristin Smith Percussion Scholarship

Kristin Smith was a vibrant young lady and talented musician who attended Orange Grove Middle School. I was lucky enough to be able to work with her nearly every week for three years before her tragic death in December of 2000. Kristin was always a joy to have in the studio. She worked hard and made incredible progress in those three years.

To help preserve Kristinís memory and to promote hard work and dedication in the Orange Grove percussion section, I have established a scholarship in Kristinís memory. For as long as I continue to teach private lessons in the Tucson area, one Orange Grove percussion student per semester will receive a block of ten weekly lessons.

At the end of each semester, after considering the efforts and progress of percussionists at the school, the Orange Grove band director will select the winning student. The lessons are given during the spring or summer following each semester. A student can receive the scholarship only once. If there is no clear winner of the scholarship in a given semester, the band director will attempt to select a winner at the end of the following semester.

Recipients of the Kristin Smith Percussion Scholarship:

  • Spring 2021, Tommy Myrmo
  • Fall 2020, Caleb Leonard
  • Spring 2020, Joann Kim
  • Fall 2019, Maggie Hornfeck
  • Spring 2019, Alden Foster
  • Fall 2018, Shawn Taylor
  • Spring 2018, Anna Davis
  • Fall 2017, Micah Smith
  • Spring 2017, Logan Douglas
  • Fall 2016, Ashton Smith
  • Spring 2016, Avalon Garrett
  • Fall 2015, Mateo Malo-Molina
  • Spring 2015, Kieran Schwerin
  • Fall 2014, Maddison Barnes
  • Spring 2014, Grace Potter
  • Fall 2013, Dino Goodson
  • Spring 2013, Jacob Waitt
  • Fall 2012, Rebecca Larson
  • Spring 2012, Evan Goodson
  • Fall 2011, Bobbie Alcanzo
  • Spring 2011, Jordan Youngblood
  • Fall 2010, Jeffrey Kalitan
  • Spring 2010, Nicholas Baumann
  • Fall 2009, Jessica Frazier
  • Spring 2009, David Cai
  • Fall 2008, Essang Akpan
  • Spring 2008, Kali Cornn
  • Fall 2007, Patrick Harris
  • Spring 2007, Abby McCourt
  • Fall 2006, Tim Rachbach
  • Spring 2006, Reid Hunter
  • Fall 2005, Lorelei Hodgson
  • Fall 2004, Alex Merideth
  • Spring 2004, Navid Fallahi
  • Fall 2003, Tim Mulkerin
  • Fall 2002, Eric Ludwig
  • Spring 2002, Richard Jacobson
  • Fall 2001, Luke Daley
  • Spring 2001, Samantha Palliser

Visit Kristin's memorial website,

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