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Brian J. Harris As Percussion Instructor

There are people out there who "teach drums," but you truly teach music and I appreciate all that you do for the kids!

Don Cox, Canyon View Elementary band director

I have never met anyone with a gift for teaching like you have. You are so encouraging, positive, friendly, respectful, talented...I could go on. Your students are fortunate to have you as a teacher and mentor. It has been a pleasure to sit in your [waiting] room and listen and observe. I've never minded the journey way up north for Lydia's lessons -- I felt it was a privilege to be a bystander during her lessons. Thank you for that experience.

Victoria Khalidi, parent of student

Your training as a percussionist has inspired me through hard times and triumphs. You have given me the skills to teach others what youíve taught me. Itís amazing how contagious education can be!

Brian Wagner, Former Student

[You] teach in a personable and respectful way with a sense of humor.

Becky Foreman, parent of student

You care about Sean as a person, not just a musician.

Laurie Benjamin, parent of student

You are superb at what you do. You are a gifted musician, with a love for percussion and an intimate knowledge of teaching children of all ages.

Jeri Jones, parent of student

You are patient, specific in your expectations and your praise, very positive and encouraging. Couldnít ask for more!

Maureen Oskandy, parent of student

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